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How can I ever thank you for providing me with the most beautiful window dressings? I truly love them. Your work is transformational - in the best way! I have gotten countless wonderful comments on them. Thank you again.
- Mona Freeborn

We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, creative energy, and generosity.
- Tucker & Stephanie Bodine

Words cannot express my appreciation for all the things you did for me...everyone loves our courtyard and it is certainly nothing I could have done without you and your expertise.
- Nancy Power

Just a note to thank you for the truly beautiful job you did on our curtains. They are a masterpiece, as are the pillows, and they add such a glorious element to our beach place.
- Daphne Moore

Now that the courtyard is completed, we'll miss your visits at the club. You truly have that "Home Town Business" touch we love so much.
- Dottie and Carol, The Valley Club

Just a note of thanks for a fabulous month of June with Kravet business! You helped me have the biggest month in my 5 1/2 years. Much appreciated.
- Cheryl Annotti

You really went the extra mile for me with this, on every level, and I so appreciate it and all you did for me. Thanks so much for producing a beautiful and fine product. Thank you for being kind, gracious and professional.
- Lisa Sands, Sands & Company

Thank you for the wonderful work you did this year. Everything looks lovely and we are very pleased with the results. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
- Carol and Larry Reiche

Thanks for the personal follow up. No wonder you are so successful. I too enjoyed meeting you and look forward to our association.
- Scott Haskins

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon in a beautiful place. The tour of the homes was great, and I for one would love to move right into the second home. Your showroom is elegant. You are so kind and gracious; ASID is so lucky to have you for a member.
- Maria Dallman, ASID

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have done to complete our home. The "Opium Den" is incredible. You are the best!
- Wendy Drasdo

I am so appreciative of the business we have done together and thank you for your confidence in our products and our people. I look forward to continued growth and opportunities together for many years to come.
- Cary Kravet, Kravet Couture